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How do you adapt your culture to appeal to Generation Z?

To recruit and retain Generation Z workers, companies must adapt and transform their cultures. It starts with leading by example, incorporating the values Gen Z holds near and dear.

Take their need to improve the world for starters. A diverse workforce from the top down, equal pay and an environmentally friendly mission all appeal to Generation Z. Companies can’t get away with just paying these issues lip service with this group.

“It’s important they work with a values-based organization that is very much inclusive,” Klein said. “This is such a big thing for Generation Z, coming at a time when they are more woke.”

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Gen Zers may not need constant recognition for a job well done, but they do want to be heard. Employers need to engage with their younger workers, paying close attention to see what issues really matter to them. It’s also incumbent on employers to provide the tools and training to help Gen Zers succeed, Selph said.

Retaining Gen Z employees might be easier in times of economic uncertainty, but this group ultimately stays with an organization based on the environment the employer creates. The good news is that companies are listening and responding.

“This is the first year both millennial and Gen Z [employees] are not inclined to leave a company in two years,” Selph said. She pointed to the Deloitte survey, in which 71% of the Gen Z respondents said companies are doing a good job of creating diverse and inclusive work environments.

“Employers have started to incorporate some of the things millennials and Gen Z have been asking for over the past few years,” Selph said.



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